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Stages of Grief
There is a comfort in uncertainty,
Holding onto a wing and a prayer.
A chance, a possibility,
That you're out there somewhere.
How could you abandon me so?
How could you leave me
To face this world alone?
The words are raw and aching,
And with drunken lips
I curse your name.
Nine years' worth
Of loneliness and confusion,
And I assign you all the blame.
I would give up anything,
All that I am and more than I ought,
For even the barest of hints
That my grief is for naught.
Set adrift in a sea of regret,
I cling to what little I have left –
A dozen letters, worn and tattered,
And I wonder often if I even mattered.
Many years ago, though they passed in a blink,
Your thoughts and dreams were set to ink.
You bled hours of your life into the pages,
And the scent of you still lingers,
Throughout the ages.
Why is it so hard to accept that you're gone,
Though I can feel it in my very bones?
How can I find closure in a silence so stark?
How do I mourn what can never be known?
:icontheaatherea:TheaAtherea 2 2
It rips from inside
Like a coyote, trapped.
A scavenger, a vulture,
Feasting on scraps.
It is the bottomless chasm
Between dread and euphoria.
A pit of fear and doubt,
A horrific phantasmagoria.
It is a wildfire
Devouring the forests of the mind.
It is the acrid smoke
That leaves you gasping and blind.
It rises from beneath
The black waters of the sea.
Ragged canvas and rotted wood,
An empty hull that once sailed free.
:icontheaatherea:TheaAtherea 2 2
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You dare enter my realm... by tatiilange You dare enter my realm... :icontatiilange:tatiilange 323 33
Space for this -
Will he breathe out a single word?
Will you let him even breathe air?
Owl omens, crystal phantoms:
You send into his dreams with black envelopes
but you let him do the sending
and her do the tearing
the unfolding
And finally the message written in blood.
Ache for this -
Will she trust him ever again?
Will you find her trustworthy of his life?
Tainted bronze, broken jade, rusted gold:
In their world these are scarce
but one can always find a diamond in this rough.
You send them towards a glass precipice
And they know not to look down
But you and I always know it never works.
Space for this -
Will I find your sins forgivable?
Will I find your consciousness in Elysium?
He balances between Scylla and Charybdis.
She hovers between promise and trust.
They may be in love, but they are not lovers.
:iconamberoath:Amberoath 3 6
Empty Page
Staring at the empty page before me
I seek the demons that rule my head.
Silence from the angels that adore me,
Knowing about the sins they've been fed.
Trying not to panic as they ignore me
I think of the vows that have been said.
Closing the cover on a tragic story
I reflect upon the life that I have led.
With so much thought on the lack of confidence
I picture clouds feasting on a sick blue sky.
A great many hands support my incompetence
With little consideration on how they might die.
The brightest of coins, the softest of silks
The loftiest dreams are sent with this man.
But sloth, lust, and envy are my only ilk
Festering on me just because they can.
Staring at the angry page below me
I read aloud these failures in black ink.
Praying these demons will now show me
How to use control and how to think.
Hiding from the glares my angels throw me
I feel cold tears well with every blink.
There is an urge to wash my hands of regret,
And direct a positive look towards future days.
So much
:iconamberoath:Amberoath 4 6
Water And Ice by Zethara Water And Ice :iconzethara:Zethara 2 2
Don't follow that crowd.
See that you're not one of them
and turn yourself around.
Why chase that dream?
Return to our quiet garden
that still is to be found.
Outside is your grand city,
Loud and effervescent.
Forget taking time to pity
those too shy for its glory.
We need conversation.
But it seems that all we can
say has been left unsaid.
And why.
When anyone or anything
evokes the roses in our garden
do you retreat into your head?
The flowers are now all gone –
colors that were once our home.
Only my shadow stands before the
city that is now your throne.
:iconamberoath:Amberoath 5 5
Promised Song
Our song flutters weakly –
Under burnt out stars all
Long dead and cold.
There's too much to feel,
Don't waste your sorrows now.
It's my turn – take your bow:
Beneath this throne we kneel.
You thought it was make believe
that I would do this for you.
It's done: I shall take my leave
and hope this just isn't true.
To fake a possible world:
We thought our dreams
and visions would hold.
Through the ashes grey
still you proudly stand:
a fiery rose unshaken
by the searching hand.
And sinking into the
smoke, so old and
far above, are strange
lyrics untold – the tune
we promised to sing
for ourselves in love.
:iconamberoath:Amberoath 2 0
Her Island
In her heart, free of sin,
Bleak and troubled within
Floats a soul, with no name
Quietly whispering her pain.
And as time goes along
Without regard for right and wrong,
She finds out that to forget
is to love those she has met.
No ties which to hold
No surprises to unfold.
So much less, yet so much more
She is stronger than before.
Without love, she is free
To live and just to be.
She would not let occur
one to give their heart to her.
So simple, her livelihood,
Refusing all that she should.
Placing her heart in a sea
That spans eternity.
And as I test the water's depth,
Barely realizing that I've left
the foundation where my feet
soundly stand to my own beat.
I rummage through my foggy mind
But stern warnings I cannot find.
So I moved on and set sail
For an island that became my jail.  
:iconamberoath:Amberoath 9 5
Daydreaming by Cestica Daydreaming :iconcestica:Cestica 697 32
Like Any Other Tear
I can't stress the words I've already said to you
no matter what I try I can't make them true.
Only state my view
and hope you feel the same way I do
when I receive a reply from you.
My hands can't touch your heart
the voice I have can't change your mind
geniune feeling's can't truly be swayed
never for long
and eventually not this time.
I compact my emotions right here
heavy heart with burden now revealed.
They can't reach you now
just dropping trails of flame
like any other tear.
:iconex1:Ex1 7 16
Phedre and Joscelin by JankaLateckova Phedre and Joscelin :iconjankalateckova:JankaLateckova 718 210 skaldi wolfhounds by XsilverleenX skaldi wolfhounds :iconxsilverleenx:XsilverleenX 43 23 Mistborn: Kelsier by Waldkin Mistborn: Kelsier :iconwaldkin:Waldkin 6 0 Mistborn: Trust by Waldkin Mistborn: Trust :iconwaldkin:Waldkin 11 0 Elysian Apex by ExitMothership
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"So familiar and overwhelmingly warm,
This one, this form I hold now.
Embracing you, this reality here,
This one, this form I hold now, so
Wide eyed and hopeful.
Wide-eyed and hopefully wild."


Gonna throw another one of these out there because I'm bored and trying to be more active here.

The Tool concert back in May was fucking incredible. I really thought I'd have a hard time with all those people in such close quarters, but the second the music started... It was like all my anxiety was gone. I even managed to sing along. I thought I'd be too self-conscious, but between everyone else singing and the music being so loud, I figured no one would hear me anyway. There was a drunk guy standing next to me during the second half of the show and he stepped on me a couple times, but I didn't even care. It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life -- right up there with the birth of my daughter and discovering PC gaming. :lmao:

I've been ultra-creative lately. It's like a switch in my brain suddenly turned on and the gears started moving after years of gathering dust. I've done several smaller writing projects -- just personal things I've only shared with my best friend -- and they helped me get back in the swing of things. But now I've got something big brewing up there in my head. I'm excited. A coherent, interesting story has never come so easily before. I'm still somewhere in the planning stages, but I've got the basic premise and the characters figured out, so I've started writing the first chapter. It feels good to be doing this again.


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My name is Aimee and I am a poet, a storyteller, a coffee addict, a gamer, a jewelry-maker-in-training, and a student of life. Feel free to drop me a message anytime!

- I don't thank for faves. It's nothing personal, I just don't see the point in cluttering people's pages.


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